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The monthly meeting is held on the fourth Thursday of every month at The KCP&L building  in Kansas City, Missouri.  The KCP&L building is located south of Barry Road on Platte Purchase and the meeting begins promptly at 7:30 PM.

The Thursday night dinner rides originate from Hunt's (Goodyear) Car Care Center located at 451 NE 94th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Hunt's Car Care Center is directly behind the Phillips 66 Station at the corner of 94th Street and North Oak close to highway 152. The rides leave promptly at 6:30 PM riding a planned route to a designated restaurant. The third Thursday of the month is our "Dinner In The Park" ride where we ride and eat at a park shelter. This ride provides the option of either bringing a picnic dinner with you or stopping in route to purchase your dinner and taking it to the park.

Maps of these meeting places may be viewed by clicking below:

        Click on the link below for a map
Hunt's Car Care Center 451 NE 94th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64155