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On April 8 we met for a ride to the Fork & Spoon in Liberty

Of course these pictures were taken before Gerry`s gravel

road adventure. A good relaxing ride and dinner was enjoyed

by all of us. A special Thank You to the Fork & Spoon for

their hospitality and good food.


On April 15 we had our first "Dinner in the Park" of the season. We met at Oak Grove Park between 6 & 7pm.


After dinner we got ready to enjoy the great weather by going for a ride.


Ken picked out a great route and we were off. It was a beautiful night to ride and I think that "moon" was full, wasn`t it Ken? We ended up at Burnett`s Light House for ( what else ) ice cream.


A special Congratulations to Dan & Pam, our newlyweds.